Orion A

Guy sitting at a desk staring at the stars. Detail from an anonymous German manuscript (circa 1450) held in the Crawford Collection at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
Detail from a German manuscript (circa 1450)

Orion A is a pattern inspired by a conversation in the Facebook group “The Company of Thuban“. The Company was formed by people in Drachenwald (SCA), who are interested in the study of astronomy and astrology throughout history.

The pattern depicts a six-point star on a twill background, and it has a tubular border formed from the outermost three border cards. The star is based on those found in a picture from an  anonymous German manuscript (circa 1450) held in the Crawford Collection at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.

Download Pattern
Download Pattern

I worked the sample in Häkelgarn 100 crochet cotton, colors 101, 121, 129, 130 and 134. I used two strands of standard sewing thread held together for the weft, so that the weft was less than half the thickness of  a single warp thread. This helped prevent the design from becoming too elongated. Each pattern repeat is about 32mm long. The band is an average of 30mm wide.

Weaving tip

Match the colour of the innermost border card in this design to the background colour chosen for the pattern section. This helps hide the wobbly line that can appear when the pattern area encroaches on border cards.  (The underside of Orion A shows a wobbly line where the white twill overlaps the black border card. On the topside of the band, that black border card blends with the main background, smoothing the join with the rest of the border cards.)

Topside (left) and underside (right) of the band

I’m pleased with how this has turned out. It is the first four-hole twill pattern I’ve designed successfully.

All feedback is very welcome.

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