All the ermine – so far…

I shared this collection of ermine designs in an arts and sciences (A&S) display last weekend. Believe it or not, they are all depictions of ermine spots! So far I’ve woven 80+ variations, but there are so many more possibilities.

There are the traditional 3 dots and a three strand tail; there’re also versions with no dots at all, or where the dots are joined. I’ve seen ermine in German armorials with anything up to nine wriggly strands in the tail of each motif…

If ermine is drawn as part of a blazon or an external device in an achievement, then it tends to be more detailed than when it’s shown as lining of a garment. In garments I’ve seen it shown as a stylised stretched ‘S’ or as something a bit like a tadpole..

The possibilities are almost endless. Of course, I’m trying to chart them all! šŸ˜‰

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