A Scattering of Oak Leaves

thumbnail of pattern leaflet
Download pattern

Adapting patterns can be so much fun! This design is a simplification of one I shared before, and it is far more flexible than the original. I’ve included 5 bands in the pattern leaflet, but you can make at least nine different bands from the chart.
Some of the possibilities will work better when using finer threads, like bands 4 and 5 from the leaflet. Others will be OK, even using larger threads, like bands 1, 2, and 3.

The red and yellow bands are made from DMC Cebelia no 40 crochet cotton. Each band is about 22mm wide. When making garters, this is the width I usually try to aim for.  At this scale, all the bands look OK to me. YMMV.

After finalising the design, I made a belt using Handy Hands Lizbeth cordonnet, No 3.  I had wanted a wide belt, and I decided to use larger thread for a quicker result. The band is about 51mm (2in) wide, is quite thick, and the texture is very prominent. It’s perfect as a belt for me, or as a bag strap if I ever choose to repurpose it.

This is part of the belt (bottom) and the original test sample (top) side by side on printer paper  – both band 1 from the leaflet:

And this is the entire belt:

A fabric belt with an oak leaf pattern along it

I was really pleased with how it turned out! All the work setting up the color change warp was totally worth it, but that’s another story…

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