Ermine 2


A second design for tablet woven ermine points running parallel to the edges of the band. The pattern is based on a number of sources, including extant armorials and depictions of heraldry listed in OSCAR.

Earlier this year Elen Benet and I collaborated on making a cap of maintenance for Master Alexandre d’Avignon. He had indicated a preference for a viking style cap, which Elen made, and I provided the tablet-woven ermine trim.

When planning the trim I offered Alexandre about 10 designs to choose from. He opted for this pattern, which is easily recognisable as ermine points and requires 20 pattern cards. When setting up the warp (for backstrap), I added three border cards to either side bringing the total number of cards to 26. I used 16/2 wc wool for the warp and 2 strands of standard sewing thread for the weft.

Download pattern

The finished band was just about 70cm long, and averaged 23mm wide. I thought that I cut it a bit fine on the finished length. Luckily, Elen informs me that it was just right. 🙂


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