I tried tablet weaving  years ago, making a couple of  belts and many yards of trim. But I never really “got” how things worked, which led to me wandering away and trying other crafts instead.

Last December, I found 2 patterns for the “Birka strapwork” design on the Lautanauhat FaceBook page.  I hadn’t seen patterns written in this way before. The diagrams included the position of the cards rather than the threading direction. That small detail helped me understand how card position relates to card threading and the pattern produced by the turning sequence.

Since that “Eureka!” moment I have made a few samples from the Applesies & Fox Noses book, successfully drafted a pattern from a photograph and learned more about weft tension than I thought was possible.

A big thankyou to Mervi Pasanen & Maikki Karisto for the inspiration to revisit tablet weaving!